The HOUSE OF SOVIETS - the hotel-museum that has kept spirit of "The Soviet era" in style 20-30 of the 20th century. The place impregnated with an esthetics of the past and warm nostalgic feelings.

Internal furniture of hotel has kept spirit of "the Soviet era" and reminds historical museum more than hotel in its classical understanding.

Interiors of hotel differ in revolutionary restraint, severity of lines, geometrizm, – the lines inherent in that time. Ancient record players and radio receivers add nostalgic notes. On the walls, it is possible to see portraits of "grandfather" Lenin, on the tables - lace tablecloths and porcelain vases with the flowers.

Cozy rooms differ in laconicism and the fact that it seemed ordinary earlier, perceiving as something special now: a table and an elite tree chairs, a bed with graceful tips, antiquarian lamps, a bookcase. The restored furniture of an era of constructivism and vintage details of an interior give to hotel the special "Soviet charm" and reflect rich historical experience of our country.

The House of Soviets is the Ural analog of the Moscow Government house or House on the embankment constructed in 1932, nowadays a monument of architecture of federal importance.


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